Learn to sail clinic May 5 & 6.

The TCDYC sailing clinic will be a two day event held on the 5th and 6th of May at the Texas City Dike. We will have a camping permit and a fire permit. Last years event was a big hit. We hope this years event will be even better. (Possibly with a bit less wind.)

The purpose of the clinic is twofold. First is to help people who are new to cat sailing improve their rigging and sailing skill and second to get new people involved in the sport. To do this the clinic will have several aspects.

  • A lecture on the basics of catamaran safety, rigging, and sailing given but the TCDYC’s own Chris Green
  • Pair up an experienced sailor with a new one in similar boats to go over basic rigging and sail trim. For instance pair up an experienced H16 sailor with a new H16 sailor
  • Have experienced sailors take new people for rides.
  • Ad hoc coaching and advice on the beach and on the water

These are the basic ideas but we would like to solicit any other suggestions and ideas you might have.

I ask all the TCDYC members to to talk the clinic up with anyone who might be interested in sailing. Tell them it is not necessary to have a boat. They can just come down for ride to see what it is like. The more people we get interested in the sport the better it will be for all of us.

There will be a nominal fee of $10 dollars to cover the cost of the class. A registration form will be posted shortly. If you have not been to the dike there is a $5/car entry fee (covers you trailer) unless you are a Texas City resident.

The clinic weekend is Cinco de Mayo so remember to get there early as it will be crowded. We will b setting up Friday evening. Any help in that regard will be greatly appreciated.


I attended this clinic last year and it was a great refresher! If your like me you probably learned to sail from trial & error and things you have read in books or online,  I can say Chris really does a great lecture on the beach he illustrates both on a white board and then walks over to a boat and shows you what he is talking about. After the lecture they set up some markers and did some practice drills with a chase boat close by in case someone needed some help. As with last year some of the best sailors in our group will be on hand to help you with set up and sailing questions so dont miss this clinic!  




~ by Floyd on April 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Learn to sail clinic May 5 & 6.”

  1. is this may of 2012? I would love to come but I need to know where and time to be there.

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