Personal Location Beacon $214

Personal Location Beacons are the best way to let the coast gaurd where you are if you get in trouble sailing. I looked into these last season and could not find one for less than $300 I opted for the Spot tracker due to a few more options available on the spot device and price.

Spot vs PLB

The PLB uses 406 Mhz EPIRB signal that is much stronger than the SPOT products on the market. The signal EPIRB’s use is transmitted on 406 Mhz, a lower frequency than the SPOT Satellite Messenger and other SPOT products. This enables the signal to penetrate cloud cover better. Also, true 406 Mhz EPIRB’s use a full 5 watts of power, compared to only 4 milliwatts used by SPOT products. This higher wattage, combined with a lower frequency, means that 406 EPIRB’s can penetrate heavy cloud cover. This means that for emergency situations, you’ll be better served by a real EPIRB. The trade off in emergency functionality of an EPIRB vs. the message capability of the SPOT tracker. 

Anyway West Marine has the Fast Find PLB for $214 with free shipping click here to check it out. I also found a great review on the Fast Find PLB click here to read it. 



~ by Floyd on April 2, 2012.

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