2012 Dash news!

I got this email posted below from Terri of the GT300 committee tonight. (photo was taken on P18-2 @ 10 mile)

Hey all you Dashers!  We would like to announce that Michael Wilson
has graciously agreed to be our 2012 Dash Lead!  Michael and myself
have been discussing the event, our goals, and plans for 2012.
Michael will have the support of the GT officers, but will certainly
be the lead person to contact.

Volunteers remain to be an integral part of the event.  Please contact
Michael if you will be able to assist in any way.  I very much look
forward to having Michael as a part of the team and am excited that
the Dash will take place again this year.

Welcome Michael!!!


~ by Floyd on March 18, 2012.

4 Responses to “2012 Dash news!”

  1. Hello, I am not sure if anyone could take newly wed couple sailing on June 11th, 2012 (a Monday). They are getting married on June 10th in Surfside, Texas and I (Mom) thought this might be a special way to spend some time the next day. They will spend the night in Surfside and both are outdoors fun 23 year old. Nick and Martina selected a beach wedding. If anyone can commit to this date I will need to know the cost and pay for it. Contact me at vcreed@consolidated.net


  2. I am looking to buy a used beach dolly with cradles for a Prindle 16.

    • John,

      Beach wheels are pretty hard to come by used and are often in bad shape when you do. If you find a used set the tires often leak I have tried installing a tube on these and it was a pain and didn’t last because the side wall of the tire was shot. Tiger trax are better second hand but don’t work as well in deep sand. KO sailing can order beach wheels and parts if needed. Good luck! Floyd

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