Tunes Anyone?

Summer is around the corner and spring has started to show its face this means we will be spending more time outdoors. If your like me a good day of sailing with fairly decent to strong wind is the best but a light air day can be fun too! Last summer I bought the Eco Extreme it’s a waterproof speaker system to use with your favorite mp3 player. I was reluctant at first but after the first trip out I was very pleased with the sound quality and volume level its perfect for light air sailing! So bring your tunes and take in some sites & sounds on those light air days! This box also doubles as dry storage for some cash, id, or credit card in case you have to make an emergency stop for a cold drink someplace like Pirates Alley. Check it out for your self click here!  



~ by Floyd on March 6, 2012.

One Response to “Tunes Anyone?”

  1. Echo what Floyd said. I got one as well and it ROCKS!

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