Holiday In Dixie

Division 6 F-18 and Hobie Sailors,

It’s too bad that Somerville’s nearly out of water, but here’s an alternative: drive up to Shreveport and race with Hobie Fleet 401 and Shreveport Yacht Club for our Holiday-In-Dixie regatta, April 14-15.  We’re trying to break the ice and host one-design Hobie classes and F-18s (all makes welcome) together.  HCANA and Division 14 have blessed this idea.  Registration is easy, just send me an email per the NOR attached.  Pay when you get here.

Offsets?  Gates?  Reaching legs?  Let us know what you like and we’ll accommodate you.  We are a cat friendly club.

Cats other than F-18s and Hobies are welcome to participate during the week of April 28-29 when we’ll have a Portsmouth class.  If five cats show up, we’ll have a separate Portsmouth Multihull fleet with their own start.

Holiday In Dixie now has a Hobie approved PRO – we are a “go” for HCANA points. Part 1 will feature separate courses for Catamarans and Sunfish. We are anxious to accomodate Division 6 Hobie and F-18 sailors.

Let me know if you guys are interested.  We’d love to host you guys in Shreveport.  It might be a good way to encourage some of our people to start traveling south to some of your regattas.

Mark Van Doren
Shreveport Yacht Club Regatta Chairman
Commodore, Hobie Fleet 401


~ by Floyd on January 31, 2012.

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