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~ by Floyd on October 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Fall Hotline”

  1. This is Jeff we went sailing Sat Oct 15th the weather was perfect. In our Nacra 5.7 the one we did the practice dash in earlier this summer. We will probably part the boat out any suggestions. We capsized the boat and the hull filled with water and we couldn’t rite the boat (probably leaked through the hull port). There was one other boat out there and they came over to us but could get our boat over. Before we knew it there where 2 sets of life guards and jetskis. They ended up towing us to shore. The hull that was under water hit a sand bar and cracked the hull near the rudder. Looking for an idea on the best way to part it out and then look for another boat.


  2. Craigslist is probably you best bet for parting it & finding another one. There is a website called search Tempest it search’s multiple city’s at one time for craigslist. If your mast is still in good shape let me know I may know someone who needs it. Floyd

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