Porretto Beach info. Thanks Sonya!


2006 -Porretto Beach ‘Big Kahuna’

Hey Guys!

 I’m very easy going about this-don’t stress; it’s all good even if there are a few hiccups on the way-no worries. If you have any problems or concerns please grab me and don’t feel anything other than shooting straight if there’s a question or concern. Open communication is key. Nothing else really matters as long as you all are safe and touch that shoreline unscathed. JUST HAVE FUN!!! Kick some hiney of course on the way to put a little competitive edge on it but most importantly, ENJOY!!! I wish Ben could have catered the event on the beach but unfortunately, I have events scheduled all through the year and these special events are the only source of income for me to make enough money to clean the trash off the beach, afford heavy equipment, maintenance and pay taxes as we receive no assistance form the city or state. If I trade sand they’ll pick up a few cans for me but other than that I’m on my own. Someday’s I wish I had the staff Stewart Beach has but not if it means giving up principles. I had already scheduled with a gentlemen for a 4th of July music event and I couldn’t break my word. Either way, your all going to Riptide so, it works out ok.

 In closing, I want you to know the money or fees is not what your event is about. There is no other reason to allow this event but for the use and sheer beauty. I am very excited and I know my dad will be able to see that we are continuing to allow things like this to happen on our beach and the long battle to maintain rights were not to keep events or people OUT but rather, to ALLOW YOU IN. That’s what he wanted me to keep up the fight for; making sure Porretto Beach is used for what it was made for…….Tomorrow I’m not sure you understand what will happen. You create history and memorialize an event and it cannot change once it happens. No one can take it from you and I am committed to hold the event and property use for you. If you choose to partake annually, it’s yours and most special to us; our dad’s; as he was known for years as the ‘Big Kahuna.’ What your doing is very special to us…..so, thank

 I decided to provide (4) cops for assistance and guards so tourist and guests on site will be cleared for your path upon arrival, loading and departure.

-We also have provided each participant a T-Shirt.

-We will have 2 white canopies for Ben to park under and await your arrival along with, staff.

-We also have a private area with complimentary umbrellas and chairs if you all decide to stay awhile before the Riptide celebration or come back after the Riptide celebration.

-When you arrive to the beach in the morning I would suggest you all park your trailers on the Gulf side; NOT IN THE PARKING LOT! There is a reason and from our experience this works much better for us an you. I have given my permission and authorization for each of you to do so. When you arrive in the morning myself and staff will be available to assist each of you with trailer drop off at the shoreline. Please make sure each driver and/or owner contact me upon arrival so that I can be responsible for those trailers and who may leave the premises with them. We’ll keep a list and when the police arrive at 1 PM my head Sergeant for all of our events will ensure your trailers and property are safe and leave with the appropriate party.

Sonya Porretto


~ by Floyd on July 1, 2011.

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