Finish Line 29.300172,-94.774954

Here is the waypoint for the Big Kahuna Kup finish line 29.300172,-94.774954 for those of you without a gps once you see the old Flagship hotel its a little over 1 mile away. Every racer please bring a VHF radio, PFD & whistle for your own safety. We will not have a chase boat so if you see another racer in distress stop and help them make note of the time you stopped to assist and you will not lose your place in the scoring. I have been in touch with Sonya Porretto (she runs the beach) today and let her know we are expecting a good turn out she had this to say:

That’s awesome. The whole reason for fighting to keep our rights are for events and people like you. It’s what the beaches are and should be a about; good will, fun and enjoying the sand & surf rather than complicating beach uses by state & city agendas where their biggest concern is obtaining federal funds while operating their own beach business and restricting public uses. By you all freely using and providing the residents and tourist a special treat and beautiful scene is amazing and many will appreciate the unselfishness of sharing your ride and crews so that we all are able to enjoy.

Sonya Porretto c/o
Galveston, Texas

So we have the green light for this event and a prime location to sail at this Saturday if anyone has questions feel free to email, text or call me. Also anyone that is not racing and wants to help out let me know we can always use a hand.

Photograph by Franklin Viola



~ by Floyd on June 28, 2011.

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