My H18 Hull Failed today!

  To cut down on some of the calls I figured posting here would get you the scoop on what happened. I was sailing out at Surfside today the sea was a rought but not crazy in fact Rob & I were having fun talking about our distance sail to east beach Saturday and heading in to call it day when a big swell came up we turned down it and didnt think much about it. WRONG seconds later the starboard hull was underwater and not popping back out at this point I knew we were in trouble but we kept a level head stayed with the boat we would just let the surf push us in. At this point the leeward hull was full of water the boat had flipped toward the beach and was so heavy we could not get the mast pointed back out to sea then the weight and waves started pulling the deck off the good hull now it too was filling with water. We decided that the boat was going to sink and there was no point in staying around to watch we made a swim for shore. Once we made it to shore the boat was barely floating an appeared to be stuck before it finally came to shore in parts. We had our life jackets on and our spot tracker so we never felt in any danger. I really liked that boat and its sad to see it like this but no one was hurt and I have insurance but I am really bummed that I will not be sailing the Dash with Rob we were having so much fun today I was looking foreward to sailing with him on that run.



~ by Floyd on June 17, 2011.

3 Responses to “My H18 Hull Failed today!”

  1. Least everyone was safe. Boats can be replace. People not.

  2. Fun times @surfside I see

  3. Every time I’ve told it, I contract it the same as Floyd, but the fact of the matter is we took about 10 minutes of rollers throwing us at the boat until pieces of glass floated up, and it became a safety issue. We stuck with her until we couldn’t.

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