Can feel it? Its getting closer!

As the launch party gets closer I have been getting questions on what people need to bring to the beach. While some things are obvious others may not be so our fleet instructor Todd G has put together a nice list from his death bed (food poisoning) to help everyone out. 

Things to bring:
1) Clothes/shoes that are going to get wet.  No favorite items with white color(s) as they will never be white again.
2) Change of dry clothes & shoes; keep in mind as the sun sets it will be a little chilly.
3)  Hat/visor
4) Sunglasses; one you can afford to lose
5) Sun block
6) Big smiles and positive attitudes

I would like to mention that the location is a little remote so if you might need something its best to bring it. There are stores and restaurants about 9 miles west of the location. A great place to grab a bite to eat is Pirates Alley café it’s right on the beach and has decks all over the place. Just plan like you are headed to the beach for the day and everything will go great. Click here to check the weather forecast 79F with fair wind and calm sea’s as of today!


~ by Floyd on April 13, 2011.

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