Pulling The Trigger?

Pulling the trigger when it comes to buying  a used catamaran can be a tough desicion. If you have never owned a beach  cat it can be overwhelming, does it have all the parts, do the hulls have soft spots, what condition are the sails in, do I need a title, what the difference between Hobie, Nacra or Prindle, How much will the repairs cost ?

All good questions come out to the meet & greet this Saturday for the answers and meet a fun group of people.

March 5th @ 6:00
Spring Creek Barbque
9005 Broadway St (Hwy 518)
Pearland, Texas


~ by Floyd on March 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Pulling The Trigger?”

  1. If you guys have T-shirts made, I’ll get a few. Ya got a great logo!

    Mike Conway
    Fleet 295
    Rochester, NY

  2. We are taking orders shirts they will be $15 per shirt and will have the Surfside Sailing logo across the chest and the Hobie fleet logo on the back just below the neck.

    Floyd Adock
    Fleet 33
    Surfside, TX

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